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The Permission Slip - 11 Steps to a Better YOU

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to do things we know are good for us? Our fear will pop up in different forms, and in my case, guilt likes to play a starring role.

I recently heard about someone writing themselves a permission slip. I loved the idea and immediately got to work on mine, not realizing the life it was about to take on of its own. The words began to flow as if they had been waiting impatiently for the moment they would be set free. They jumped out of me so quickly and I silently gave myself permission to just keep writing without constraint. I was curious of what I really needed to grant myself permission to do. As the words poured out, I quickly realized how my inability to give myself permission was adding to my fears, limits, and above all, guilt.

So here is my permission slip. It may be long, but a list of 11 felt appropriate as 10 just wasn't enough. If you are unable to pinpoint areas needing permission in your life, feel free to use the one below and fill in the lines with the first words that come to mind, as your intuition will know best.

My Sweet Sarah,

1.) You have PERMISSION to be amazing and successful.

2.) You have permission to be an amazing and successful writer and speaker.

You have permission to be widely known for your work. There is room for you even though there are others in the same arena, and you have permission to be known as one of the greatest. You have permission to put your writing and speaking dreams as top priorities, while still being a great mom.

3.) You have permission to walk again through the efforts of any means necessary.

You have permission to love your body from head to toe and in return, your body has permission to wake up, feel, move and love you back.

4.) You have permission to spend time and money on wellness. You have permission to go to physical therapy and work on your body and recover with every bit of effort and penny you have.

5.) You have permission to try again without feeling like a failure.

It is imperative to learn from each setback and you have permission to share them for the growth of others without embarrassment. Don't stop until you get the result you want.

6.) You have permission to do things that bring you joy even if it means leaving others behind who are not supporting those goals.

You have permission to follow your heart as you walk, snorkel, surf, work out, strengthen friendships old and new, discover yourself, meditate, and do anything else that makes your heart sing.

7.) You have permission to ask for help.

You have permission to accept help. You have permission to still be independent despite needing help.

8.) You have permission to feel beautiful. You have permission to be beautiful.

You have permission to accept compliments and constructive feedback about your work, appearance, wisdom, and anything else from yourself.

9.) You have permission to not sweat the small stuff.

Stop bringing up the past, remain focused on the present, and be driven by the future. You have permission to forgive without feeling taken advantage of. Take advantage of the relief forgiveness offers.

10.) You have permission to stand up for yourself when something doesn't feel right.

You have permission to create a dialogue, voice concerns, listen to the other side and see all things with love and compassion above anger and blame.

11.) You have permission to be hurt, sad or angry, but you also have permission to not let those feelings consume you.

If they do not serve you and your dreams, then, by all means, you have permission to let them go.



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