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The Sweet Spot

We are all in a constant state of becoming. There is no final destination we will experience here in this life - there are instead milestones, goals, results, situations, events that will aid in this state of becoming. Each will magnify what we are becoming more of. We can become more comfortable, more content, more stagnant, more of as we are now. We can also become more alive, more joyful, more grateful, more of who we are meant to be.

It’s not physically possible to stay exactly as we are now. We can only become more or less of it. Everything has momentum, even complacency. We just become more complacent.

I heard recently, that in business, your results today are a result of what you did six months ago. Meaning, what you did six months ago in your marketing, sales, client retentions, etc, is now showing up in the state of your business today.

This goes for our lives as well, but I think they have a little more immediate results. The way I treat my body today is reflected in how I feel tomorrow. The way I treat my friends today will show up in our relationship tomorrow. The way I treat my finances today will show up in my accounts tomorrow. The way I take ownership of my mindset today will result in my mental health tomorrow.

Finding the sweet spot of loving who I am as I am now and striving to live at my fullest potential is one of the hardest things to do, but what I see as the ultimate goal. Being a high achiever by nature, I can get really hard on myself. I work myself to the bone sort of speak towards my goals and often forget to give myself love and credit for where I currently am - which is basically praising who I was working to become yesterday. On the flip side, I have had a client say the constant work on her growth made her feel like she wasn’t “good enough today”.

You can see how finding that sweet spot between the two can be tricky. If we don’t put focus and intention on who we want to be tomorrow by our actions today, then we aren’t holding ourselves accountable to our potential. However, we also must praise, love, and cherish who we have already become. Let’s put it this way, we are constantly building on ourselves, each brick being necessary for the next to be built upon, yet unless we have a vision for how we want to experience our lives, we will just keep layering the same brick in the same pattern over and over. If we want a truly magnificent life, we must get intentional of the growth, new patterns, new directions necessary in order to fulfill that vision. Nothing of greatness can be built unless the foundation is secure and stable. Along the way of building our vision, we must be open to learning new ways, gathering new tools, and allowing experts to come along and help us in our creation. So that by the time our time is up, we can look at what we have created with awe, pride, gratitude, and love for all parts of the process that aided in our beautiful creation.

With all of that in mind, I invite you to take a moment and without reservation, visualize your ultimate dream home. Close your eyes and allow your mind to take you throughout your dream home. What does it look like? Where is it located? How does it make you feel? Who is with you inside? What rooms does it include? What features do you love about it? Why are all of the features important to you? What colors are throughout it? What are the grounds like?

Now that you have this visual - so vivid that you can smell it and feel it - think about all of the things that had to come together for your dream home to exist. The location, the foundation, the planning, the materials, the furniture, the decor, and everything else that was inside all require intention, experts, designers, tools, and more.

Now imagine you had to set out and not only build it but do the landscaping, the interior designing, etc. Could you do it all on your own? No! We need the experts to do what they are good at, we need teams to help us build it, we need skills and talents that are beyond us.

And such is our life. We aren’t meant to do it all alone. We need experts to learn from, we need others to do what they are good at, we need to develop skills along the way, we need things we don’t have yet.

As we finish out another year, take a moment to think about all the things that came together over the past 12 months. What experts did you learn from and what did you learn? What did you discover about yourself? What experiences offered you growth? Where did you find joy? What did you create and how did the process of creation make you feel?

So often we are focused on everything we want and need to do that we lose sight of everything we’ve already gained. Sending you love, laughter, and vertical healing through the holidays and beyond.

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