I had an intense pain in my lower stomach. I couldn't tell what was causing it, and it was very different than just a usual stomachache. It was though my intestines and bladder were in a tight knot and then a cat was shredding them with its claws. Yes, that sounds awfu...


Someone recently told me, "You can make up any rules you want”. She was responding to my need for advice in handling a specific issue, but her words have popped into my head at all different times.  However, I noticed the words may sound awesome and super inspiring, ye...


As I find myself further along in my journey, and closer to a place of self-awareness, I am finding assignments everywhere. Perhaps they were there all along, however I was nowhere near this place of clarity to appreciate them for what they were. 

Just as a teacher grow...


Here is the ultimate secret to having the life you’ve always dreamed of: To have the life you want, you have to be clear on what that is.

Most people either don’t know or are too terrified to admit what they really want. Others think they know what they need - only to f...


As I felt my engine revving for the next emotional hurt, I caught myself beginning to go to that place I have been preaching to stay away from. To never ask why, go into victim mode, to look outwards instead of bringing the focus inward towards accountability. 

Now that...


Have you been dealt a shitty hand? Have you been in the depths of crap where you think there is no way out? Have you gone through something so life-shattering you think the world has literally ended? Have you seen the face of hell? 

If your answer is yes to any of these...



                     Refers to your gut or your ki or chi — the place where your soul resides just below your solar plexus. The place where you “know” things and hold the entirety of life’s experiences....


I like my brain. I like the way my mind processes life, my ability to sort things out and the way it journeys when my pen hits the paper. I think about how it developed in my early years, and how our lack of money would provide a catalyst to that development. I remembe...

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