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Creating an Identity

For 4 years after my injury, I struggled with looking at myself in full-length mirrors. It paralyzed me to see my body. I felt broken. The worst part was not only did I not recognize the woman in my reflection, I didn’t want to. I wanted to avoid it. At times I even wanted to end it.

Over time the pain grew. It suffocated me to the point of breaking - which broke me open.

Pain can be a valuable tool.

I remember the last time I looked at my reflection in that way. It was the day I surrendered and finally took the step to see things differently. That moment was the beginning of tiny shifts, permission over time to allow myself to actually love myself, heal my wounds, redefine my life and my relationship with my body, heart, and soul.

Instead of just staring at my cracks and brokenness, I decided to pick up the glue and fill my cracks with gold. I took my power back.

I began to shift my identity. I took advantage of the space between and got intentional with how I wanted to fill it.

I poured life into my body, I spoke differently to myself, and I renamed myself Vertical Blonde. I filled my mind with empowering thoughts. I dug out old beliefs that didn’t serve me and replaced them with ones that did. I filled my soul with the connection. I harnessed my talents and used them for good. I felt like I mattered again, no longer feeling like a burden.

My identity changed. It was a process, slow and steady. It came with moments of questioning everything. It also came with moments of making myself proud beyond measure.

Have you felt those moments? The ones that break you open?

Two days ago a group of women committed to themselves and the process of shifting into their own Iconic Identity. The first step is always awareness and we created a space where honesty with one’s self was the ultimate gift.

Stay tuned for updates and insights as this group of Vertical Icons harness the fire within themselves!

The waitlist has also been started if you want to join next round! All on the waitlist will receive additional bonuses and discounts!

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