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10 Vertical Lessons from 10 years paralyzed

  1. Only we can heal ourselves, but we cannot do it alone.

2. My previous negative beliefs about disability disabled my reality until I decided to redefine it for myself.

3. It became the most beautiful redirection of my life. I learned that I had all the power to alchemize my experience and fill every crack with gold.

4. Not being able to do everything physically for my son set him up to be emotionally strong and innovative.

5. It got me attention and I got to choose the attention it evoked and set a stage for my message of living vertically

6. Feeling the Emotions is how you heal them

7. Everyone will have their own experience of the accident and not taking it personally is the best gift I can give all of us

8. Moments that break us can break us open to new heights/depths, but that is up to us. It became my unfair advantage in the best way.

9. Living healthy is a choice regardless the state of your body

10. You are not what happens to you, you are who you become through it…

11. My iconic identity was the single most powerful tool in healing, redefining and elevating my life.

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