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How to Achieve Big Dreams When You Feel So Small

How would it feel to finally break through those fears of going for your dreams? Perhaps your dream is to heal pains from the past. Perhaps your dream is to gain independence with your health. Perhaps your dream is to write a book… The dreams are endless and there is no limit to what they are or how big they are. All that matters is that the thought of them makes your soul feel ALIVE!

I’ve found that regardless of the dream, the strategy is universal. The thing holding us back the most is simply our fear around it. Our dreams feel so big and we feel so small, unequipped, or lacking the skills or resources - but those are all just excuses. We’ve seen time and time again stories of people making something great out of nothing but grit.

I believe deep down we know what to do, and we all need help to get out of our own way.

I believe there is an Icon within all of us. An Icon is someone who creates their own lane, does things in new ways, and sets a new standard for themselves and others. Icons are leaders. A Vertical Icon is someone who understands that every single thing that has happened in their life has been there for their benefit and uses all of their circumstances, skills, talents, passions, pains, traumas, and grit to set an entirely new standard for themselves as they chase their dreams!

I’ve found that my purpose is truly to help others to reach theirs. I want to help as many people as possible choose the vertical direction, overcome whatever is disabling them, and stretch themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of!

The Vertical Icon Transformation program takes you through 8 weeks of self-discovery, awareness, and massive action, and by the end, you are full of so much pride and joy for what you created within yourself!

There are bonuses for the first to sign up and registration is now open! Here's the link to register:

If there is any way I can support you, please reach out so we can connect!

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