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The Vertical Journey

I'm so proud of your for getting here, to a place where you are seeking growth and change. I created these workshops and events for women like us, who want more for ourselves, our lives and our futures. 

Join me virtually or live as we start your Vertical Journey together to experience beautiful, rich and fulfilling lives right NOW!

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Sarah Foley is a keynote speaker and lifestyle coach with expertise in guiding you to experience your own beautiful, rich and iconic life especially after life doesn't go to plan.


Dates To Be Announced

Iconic Confidence

Learn the 4 Steps to Unleashing and Becoming Your Iconic Self

Build confidence to thrive through any change! Has something happened in your life that has flipped your world upside down? Or do you need to make a decision that will flip your world upside down even though you know it's for the better? Want to ensure things will be better after the flip? Want to build confidence in yourself so you know you will have whatever it takes to use the change to your advantage? 

As a Confidence Coach and Breakthrough Strategist, I’ve seen so many people put their hope in things just magically working out but don't change their approach to it… and then they are so confused why they don’t work out! 


I’ve learned through my experiences and my training that the ones who thrive are the ones who put the certainty in themselves and not in the hope. Join me as I guide you to put that confidence in yourself. 






What our Icon's are Saying!


I've been more focused on myself than I have been in years. 

This has saved me, my body and my mind. I love it and I'm so grateful. 


- Kassie B.


Looking for one-on-one coaching or an event in your area?

Connect with me! I can't wait to help you on your Vertical Journey!



About your coach 

Sarah Foley, Vertical Blonde, has overcome adversity by finding ways to turn obstacles into opportunities. 


Using her Vertical Mindset methods, Sarah has created a process in which the body, mind and soul transform together, ensuring long lasting results. Sharing her program with you is just another part of her vertical journey, guiding you to experience the ultimate mind, body transformation!


Sarah Foley is a keynote speaker, soul-centered results coach and creator of Disability Icon Fitness and the Vertical Icon Collective.

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