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I go by Vertical Blonde, which as you'll learn in my trainings is my Iconic Identity and has allowed me to truly become the vertical version of myself! All of my offerings below are geared towards helping you do the same. I am a soul-centered coach with real life tangible strategies mixing the heart and mind to create vertical results! 

I have coached for over 5 years beginning with personal training and evolving to encompass all of personal development. I speak from both experience and knowledge from my personal story of overcoming life-altering adversity, as well as trained at Robbins-Madanes Institute, which is Tony Robbins coaching institute, with a specialty in creating breakthroughs and lasting change in women. 

Let's Create a Vertical Life!

My background includes body work as a massage therapist, personal training, running a 5 star spa at Vail Resorts which gave me experience in managing a team, driving revenue, skincare, fashion and understanding dynamics of corporate work. On top of that, I have been a television host, offering me experience in visual aesthetic, on camera work, lighting, producing, editing and selling segments. 

Aside from my professional experience, I have a personal story of healing, resilience 

and deciding who I wanted to become after enduring an ATV accident in 2012 that left me paralyzed from the waist down. The decision to use all of my circumstances to my advantage was the catalyst to not only my own growth, but what I am able to offer my clients and audiences today. 

All of this experience has brought me to where I am and empowered me to guide others to their own greatness. I know what it feels like to have a burning inside of you that you are made for more and then using all of my abilities to make it happen. I firmly believe that we can use everything to our advantage. The Vertical Method involves going through Awareness, Ability and Alignment to take massive and intentional ACTION - all to experience the results you desire! 

I want to help you ignite that burning inside of you or your team, and guide you to making your dreams a reality! There is always another level waiting to be reached, and only we can make that level a reality - yet we cannot do it alone. 

It’s time to change direction - it’s time to Become Vertical!

Below are options available to suit your needs and desired results. I’d love to hear from you and see how I can guide you to your own greatness! 

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"Sarah offers an AMAZING coaching experience! She will lovingly guide you to become your BEST self. Her sessions are overflowing with positive energy; I felt it radiate through my screen! I am excited to continue my personal growth and I know she will be there cheering me on! I look forward to working with her more in the future! I can’t imagine not having her in my life! Forever an Icon!"

Amie Lee

"I am changed by knowing Sarah and inspired by her, that she is a dynamic speaker and teacher is a blessing beyond the blessing she is."

“Realizing who we really are and knowing that we already have everything we need inside of us is POWERFUL!”

- Brittney N.

"Sarah is easy to understand along with being a phenomenal leader I aspire to. She is always open to feedback whether good or bad and uses it to make herself better."

"I love how well spoken she is! She’s so organized and overflowing with beautiful energy! I constantly had a smile on my face while she was coaching me! She broke me out of my comfort zone in areas and always made our group a safe place to be our iconic selves!"

Real Community. Real Results

Speaking & Training Topics

Investing in ourselves will return a high positive ROI again and again as we experience it in our health, happiness, finances and relationships.

Investing into your teams, groups and audiences will generate exponential returns in every category as they elevate each other - and Sarah guarantees they will have fun in the process!

Own Your Story So Your Story Doesn't Own You

  • Breakthrough to new awarenesses keeping you stuck

  • Have fun in the process

  • Learn Sarah's signature Iconic Identity Method and begin implementing it right away to get iconic results

Life's Flips Are Golden Opportunities

  • Use the 4 step G.O.L.D. technique to get out of any "ditch"

  • Learn how to back up in order to move forward

  • Takeaway the tools to create your own luck

Becoming a Vertical Leader

  • Gain the tools to lead your team over any setback

  • Learn how to teach others to embody the Icon within in order to reach higher goals

  • Begin implementing the four step S.I.D.E method to create lasting change within your team, audience and clients

All of Your Vertical Needs are Covered

Appearances, interviews, coaching and online resources to help you in your Vertical journey 

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On Stage Keynote

TV Interviews

Press Interviews

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The Total 


This 4 to 8 hour program utilizes exercises, activities, and group experiences, to achieve awareness and personal growth among participants. If you want to completely transform your audience from the inside out, look no further.

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Vertical Transformation Courses

Choose the best course to meet your personal needs, or go all in and get the entire collection! 

Multiple options to help you become Vertical and be the Icon you ARE!

Join Sarah's Collective of Vertical Icons Making an Impact 


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Keynote Speaker 

Ignite your audience with moving stories and tactical strategies to take them from inspiration to inspired action and elevate their lives!

Every keynote is curated to meet the needs and desired results of your event

Starting at $5,000

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Corporate Workshops 


Take your team or group to the next level of impact and income with the power of vertical healing and growth. It is the roadblocks within us that prevent us from performing and living at our potential. Workshops will invite your team to journey inward, become aware and accountable, plus offer strategy to elevate their production and connection. Every workshop is curated to meet the needs and desired results of each group. 

Starting at $1,500 and range from 60 minute power sessions to multi-day experiences. 

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Retreat Workshops

Healing and transmuting pain into something beautiful is my specialty. I love guiding people into themselves, empowering them to harness their healing and emerge vertically. 

Prices upon request 

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A group coaching program; ongoing healing and growth based on the 4 Verticals - Vitality, Enterprise, Relationships and True Self. Includes guest Icons and resources to accelerate your growth. 


The Icon Collective

1:1 Coaching

For those wanting to create a personal brand based on making an impact and income. Limited availability. 

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Coming Soon

Vertical Impact Mastermind

High level for those wanting to impact the world through their story. We cover personal brand, message, speaking from stages, creating opportunities, confidence, marketing and more!

$5,000 for 6 months

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