Taking back your power!

Do you feel you have a story to share and an impact to make? 


I believe the ones who have made it out of the darkest dark and into the lightest light have a gift to offer the world. They have a light to shine and the Vertical Life Collective is just that - a community who are committed to showing up with their light because we are brighter together! 

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Sarah Foley is a keynote speaker, soul-centered results coach and 

creator of Disability Icon Fitness and the Vertical Icon Collective.

Healing comes in so many different ways, which is necessary to help so many different kinds of people. 


If we are willing to show up in order to make an impact, we must be willing to take care of ourselves first and surround ourselves with others who can support us in that mission. 


The Vertical Icons are those who are doing things differently, giving with their whole hearts and doing it together. 


In the Vertical Life Coaching and Collective you will not only continue your healing, but also hone your craft of giving, speaking and changing the world. In here you will learn how to create a personal brand based on integrity, clear values and a core mission that you will live and breathe. 


Being a Vertical Icon means you have higher standards for yourself and your fellow Icons. You do not take your role or your need to make an impact lightly, and you are committed to elevating yourself, each other and the world! 

When I began my vertical journey, fitness and physical strength were at the forefront. What people didn't see from my before/after photos of my body transformation were the transformations happening in my mindset, personal and business development, relationships and the conversations I had with woman I saw in the mirror. 

For the past three years I have led a physical fitness program for female wheelchair users called Disability Icon, and as much as I tried to keep the focus solely on physical health, I couldn't help myself in coaching on all areas of what I call a Vertical Life - Vitality, Enterprise, Relationships and True Self - all the areas I found growth, development and wisdom from my own experience and education. 

I could also feel some resistance in showing up for my business, and I finally got to the root of what that resistance stemmed from. You see, I never want to be treated differently or left out because of my disability, and I realized I was adding to that separation by not offering a fully inclusive program. 


The Vertical Life Coaching is now open to join! This coaching and community is meant for anyone who feels called to share their message with the intent to elevate others. It is meant for anyone regardless of gender, race, ability or anything else who is ready to go all in on themselves so I'm getting ready to open the doors to the Vertical Icon Collective, a group coaching program and collective meant for anyone of any ability ready to go all in on themselves to overcome whatever is disabling them and create their ultimate VERTical Life! 

So if you are someone who knows there is another level waiting for you if you could just get out of your own way, then I hope you will join the other Icons who are committed to elevating themselves, each other and the world. Let's get Vertical!

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What our Icon's are Saying!


I schedule my days around the calls. They are my recharge button!

I still feel like a bit of a newbie with this group but feel so connected to its energy, movement and community. It is a bond that is so unique from other friends/family/coworker groups. An intangible bond based on unique life experiences as women with disabilities. Open, honest, excepting, unconditional, hugely supportive, inspiring and motivating.


Icon, Chris F.