Launched in February 2018, the Vertical Beauty Project will give women with disabilities, specifically Spinal Cord Injury, makeovers, and photo shoots to capture their strength and allow their outer beauty to match their inner beauty. With an injury such as SCI, one can often feel a loss of identity, femininity and overall self-worth. While working with these individuals to discover what moves them, the Vertical Beauty Project will create looks and backgrounds to get these women out of their comfort zone and really shine. 

Sarah Foley, along with a team of volunteers, is excited to give these women the gift of beauty and confidence, which they can then use as a visual tool on a regular basis. Each time they look at their photos they will be reminded they truly are remarkable, feminine and extremely beautiful.

Looking their best empower them to be their best! 

"There is nothing more remarkable than  watching the "glow" ignite in these women  during their Vertical Beauty Project."

                 -Sarah Foley

Vertical Beauty Project, SLC

"My fantasy is simply to walk on  the beach..."

Artist Christina DeHoff captures Sarah's fantasy with emotion and whimsical colors, titled Beach Walk.

The photo shoot to prepare for this painting marked the beginning of Sarah's vision for the Vertical Beauty Project.


Bring out the tissues.



 Meet Heather...

Heather was our very first Vertical Beauty Project and inspired me in more ways than I ever imagined. She has had a disability her whole life and takes challenges as opportunities. 

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