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Are you ready to meet your full potential? 

Take a look inside
The Icon Collective!


"I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk."
– Tony Robbins

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Truly successful and fulfilled leaders are committed to achieving their dreams through embracing constant growth, while surrounding themselves with others who push and celebrate their progress.

In The Icon Collective, you can expect the following growth, support and fabulousness: 

^ Monthly masterclass to elevate your life as a leader with downloadable extras

^ Bonus Masterclasses with Industry Experts

^ Icon only app with searchable topics

^ Icon only business listing area to promote your products and services. In here we want you to win big!

^ Connect Calls to discuss struggles and wins in a Vertical atmosphere

^ Searchable library of all past calls and masterclasses

^ SEATED fitness app, featuring exercises for an Iconic body!

^ Special Icon only events

^ Ability to apply for one on one coaching


Inside The Icon Collective, we believe in the pursuit of our own personal greatness for the benefit of ourselves, each other and the world.

This is THE coaching + community for ambitious leaders who crave full permission to embrace and embody their fullest potential with style and energy. 

  • In The Icon Collective, the standard is to shine our brightest in order to ignite our lives, our impact, our income, one another and the world! No dimming allowed!

  • In The Icon Collective, we value joy and fun in the process, discipline to follow through on our dreams and freedom to set goals to unleash who we truly are!

  • In The Icon Collective, we believe the way to give others full permission to play full out is to lead by example. 

  • In The Icon Collective, we believe an Icon is a leader who redefines what is possible through their willingness and ability to break patterns, shift perspective and show up in a way that serves ourselves, others and the world. 

  • In The Icon Collective, we know that our energy is our currency and how we transact with the world. 

  • In The Icon Collective, we know that she/he with the strongest energy wins - and we came to play!

The 4 Verticals of an Icon

Happy Girl


Confetti Girl
Flower Girl
Girls having Fun





We set a new standard for community! Support, connection, permission and celebration with other like minded change-makers looking to make an impact and income. Who you surround yourself with is who you will become - proximity is power!

Connect on the live calls, collaborate through the community and throw your hands up together in celebration of the Icons you are and the lives you are creating togetHER!


What would happen if you gave yourself full permission to shine? How would your life change if you didn't hold back? What things could you accomplish if the standard was to totally go for it? In order for these to be realized, we have to make these standards a part of our identity. In The Icon Collective, it's not about what we do, it's about who we ARE!


Feel embowered through the collective experience of growth, accountability and celebration in the pursuit of your fulfilled potential. The best investment you can make is in yourself and growing into who you were meant to become. All the tools and resources are for you to embody your Iconic Identity and vertical life. You have access to recorded group coaching, masterclasses, workbooks, transformational courses and more! 


It's not a lack of knowledge that's holding us back, it's a lack of action on the knowledge we have. In The Icon Collective, we live by the rule that confidence is an action word - the only way we gain momentum, trust and belief in ourselves is by taking consistent action. We believe that any action is the right action because the only way we know for sure is through experience. 

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"Sarah offers an AMAZING coaching experience! She will lovingly guide you to become your BEST self. Her sessions are overflowing with positive energy; I felt it radiate through my screen! I am excited to continue my personal growth and I know she will be there cheering me on! I look forward to working with her more in the future! I can’t imagine not having her in my life! Forever an Icon!"

Amie Lee

"I am changed by knowing Sarah and inspired by her, that she is a dynamic speaker and teacher is a blessing beyond the blessing she is."

"Sarah's many pearls of wisdom are positive mantras for me going forward"

"Sarah is easy to understand along with being a phenomenal leader I aspire to. She is always open to feedback whether good or bad and uses it to make herself better."

"Sarah is energetic but calm when needed to be. She can truly reach hearts and minds by her words."

Real Community. Real Results

Why I created
The Icon Collective

There is nothing like the energy and positive influence of other ambitious, purposeful and growth-minded people taking full ownership for creating a life they love. After experiencing multiple different coaches and coaching groups for my life, health and business, I realized the power of the community. I often felt lonely in the dance between where I was and who I was becoming. There were times I had to leave situations, relationships, and habits that no longer served who I wanted to become, yet I didn't have anyone to talk to who understood. I wanted a community and friendships who would hold me accountable to my goals - balancing support when I struggled with not letting me get away with my excuses and celebrating with me when I achieved my goals. I needed fellow hype girls and I wanted to be the hype girl for those I saw striving for their next level

But most of all, I craved permission to shine my brightest. The most impactful people in my life were the ones shining bright and encouraging me to lean into my own light. They were the ones pushing me to go for it, lean in and not hold back. Permission is the core value of The Icon Collective - it is your constant reminder to SHINE BRIGHT!

As a Coach, I am obsessed with understanding  why people do what they do and getting them aligned with their fullest potential. Coaching in the group setting is very powerful. You learn so much through watching others be coached and have their own breakthroughs. At the core, we all want similar things, the details are just different. In The Icon Collective, you can receive high level coaching and mentorship at a fraction of the price than these programs typically cost!

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The Collective is for...

^ Anyone who knows they have a light in them that they are craving to fully step into

^ Anyone who is in the pursuit of discovering the light in themselves

^ Anyone who is a Leader or wants to become one - be it industry leaders, leaders in their family, leaders in business or any other area where you know you want to do things differently than they've been done in order to get the results you crave

^ Anyone who wants to command any stage, screen, or conversation with confidence and energy

^ Anyone who wants to elevate their business and income without their family, health, or relationships suffering

^ Anyone who wants to learn tools and strategies for their own breakthroughs and transformation from others who have already done it, saving them time, money and pain

^ Anyone who wants to be more confident in their body, business and personal brand

^ Anyone who wants accountability in creating habits and success

^ Anyone who wants to have fun in the pursuit of their dream

+ Waking up energized and excited about your future and the work you get to do

+ Having a clear path forward towards your goals, knowing it is inevitable

+ Skipping the unnecessary and learning exactly what to do to get to where you want to be

+ No longer feeling anxiety, stress, or worry when it comes to your future

+ Having the confidence to accomplish anything you set out to do

+ Attracting the people and prosperity into your life that you desire

+ Having mental clarity and tools to help transform your thoughts into powerful beliefs that make you unstoppable


prepare to be elevated

Each month you will get a calendar full of calls, events and challenges to help you grow and expand. My coaching is based on creating breakthroughs that lead to confidence that leads to action and ultimately reaching goals beyond your wildest dreams! 

Plus, having a community cheer you on keeps full in your tank so you can enjoy the vertical journey!


+ A monthly masterclass with downloadable guide

+ A special expert guest each month (a huge bonus!)

+ Ask Sarah anything Q&A section organized by topic and updated monthly

+ Monthly journal prompts to help you internalize and apply the work you’re doing

+ Course library that continues to expand quarterly, on topics such as, but not limited to, confidence, social media, overcoming fears, sales and influence, healing and more!

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and get started as an Icon living a Vertical Life! Once you sign up, you will gain immediate access to The Icon Collective and all the incredible bonuses! 

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The Icon Collective Monthly



Total value Annually: $3250

Your Price: $37/Month

Icon Collective membership includes the Seated Fitness Program PLUS: 

 + Weekly coaching calls focused on healing and growth

 + Monthly connection and support call

 + One 30 minute one on one call with Sarah to jump start your journey

 + Access to the recordings from previous  calls valued at $500

 + Access to the most Iconic community, making you part of something bigger

 + First access to special offerings, masterminds, and small group coaching opportunities priceless because they always sell out!

Iconic Impact Academy


1 Year Value: Priceless

Your Price: $777

All Access Membership Includes Everything Inside of The Icon Collective Membership PLUS:

 + Platinum calls 2x a month featuring high level coaching and topics valued at $500/month 

 + 12 months of The Icon Collective $1164 value

 + One-on-one 30 minute coaching call with Sarah every quarter to help you align your goals and actions to achieve those goals** valued at $3000 annually

 + Access to the recordings from previous Platinum calls valued at $350

 + Total access to all past, current and future courses from Vertical Blonde

 + First access to special offerings, masterminds, and small group coaching opportunities priceless because they always sell out!

 + One General Admission Ticket to the Vertical Ambition event for one individual valued at $600

 + 1 year of access to content, courses, and recorded coaching within the community valued at thousands

+ Speaking engagement for your group, team or event valued at $5,000


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I've been more focused on myself than I have been in years. 


This has saved me, my body and my mind. I love it and I'm so grateful. 

- Kassie B.


  • When does my membership start?
    Your monthly membership begins the date of purchase and renews every 30 days until cancelled. Platinum membership is paid in full for 12 months and will renew the following year.
  • How do I access the membership?
    We use a platform called Mighty Network. Upon sign up you will get an email with how to download and access the network.

"We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are"

- Max Depree

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