November 7, 2018

Here is the ultimate secret to having the life you’ve always dreamed of: To have the life you want, you have to be clear on what that is.


Most people either don’t know or are too terrified to admit what they really want. Others think they know what they need - only to find themselves with a full house and garage, but an empty heart and soul.


Getting super clear on what you want your life to look like is the crucial step to having it - the more clear you are, the better your chances are of getting it. 

The rest is left up to how hard you are willing to fight for it - and staying consistent especially when it gets uncomfortable. 


I am realizing where I run out of steam is after I’ve gone balls to the wall and then run out of energy having to rely on only myself and myself is feeling wiped out. 

It’s like when you decide on a new workout program and hit it so hard the first couple days because you are so pumped to get in shape. Then on day three you can barely wipe your butt because your muscles are so sore. So instead of stretching, resting and continuing a couple days later, you decide to just throw in the towel. 

Persistence through the resistance is what creates lasting change. 


I think most people prefer comfort in what’s uncomfortable yet familiar versus getting uncomfortable to create change. I’ve been in that comfortable group the majority of my life - terrified to really change the things I didn’t like. Instead I would bitch about them for months and even years. It blows my mind to think about all the time me and my girlfriends have spent complaining about boyfriends and husbands over the years, yet we would stay in sometimes awful relationships simply because the idea of leaving them was so uncomfortable. Better yet, it was easier to complain about it behind their backs rather then put in the hard work to improve it. It is the fear of the unknown. The fear of whether we will be ok with or without that guy. The fear of being single again. The fear of not being single. So many fears, yet remaining in the same situation was so much worse. 


So I’ve begun to get extremely clear in all areas of my life. I have a brand new journal in which I am only writing of how I would like my life to look, feel and be. The great part about this, is that I can leave out the details and allow life, God and destiny to fill them in. Things such as, I want incredible connection with my friendships. I want conversations to be filled with deep understanding of one another. I want to do away with the superficial topics and dishonesty that comes with it. I no longer want to tell my friends everything is going really well when in fact I may be really struggling and needing help - and I want them to do the same with me. As for the details of what we are talking about, or even who those friends are, I will leave those details out for now. The friendships will evolve and others will fade, but in the end I will know I am surrounded by the types of friends that I really want. 


As in the article written about me in the Maui Time Weekly, it was put so well. “She always knew she would be ok, she just didn’t know what ok would look like”. 


As the new #DisabilityIcon Transformation program is underway, I asked the girls to get extremely clear in their goals. I was so thrilled to hear what they wanted their lives to look like through the use of the program. It is such a powerful reminder that health and fitness is so much more than looking good. It is about taking control of the most important thing in our lives - the health of our mind, body and soul. It is also the only thing we truly have control of. So if you strip away the material things in life, how do you want the rest to look, feel and be?


Get clear, then get disciplined, then get uncomfortable. 





  Below are some of the goals from the first group of Disability Icons! I'm so excited to see them smash each one at the end of their 8 weeks!


- Have "Sarah arms" (I don't mean to copy, but damn, girl). 

- Have a flat tummy WITHOUT sucking in.

- Wear a pair of normal jeans with confidence -- (i.e. not super stretchy jeggings).

- I want to get back to being myself as much as possible. I want to lose weight so I can look more like myself, get rid of my double chin and chunky arms, back, and stomach. I want to be able to “hike” and kayak again and do things outside like I used to. 

- I want to get stronger so I can do more transfers on my own, especially shower and car, be able to get around campus next year when I go back to school, and strengthen my abs as much as possible. 

- I want to be as independent as possible, transferring on my own, pushing on my own, taking care of myself when I’m back at school,  walking my dog, etc. 

- To be confident enough to live on my own for the first time

- Confidence to start dating





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