Uncle Mike and His Iron Horse

June 22, 2017

As I popped up a curb at the park, I realized I had cut off a sweet couple. They both smiled, forgiving me before I had time to apologize. He introduced himself as Mike, and said, "I used to ride an iron horse myself". You could tell he was hit with a flashback of his time spent in a wheelchair, his eyes kindly smiling with both sorrow and triumph over his fellow horse. My intuition told me it was best to slow down and walk with the couple so he could continue his story.


"That's the funny thing about intuition. Once you stop and listen, it allows for the world around you to catch up and work its magic" 


He proceeded to tell me how both his legs had been crushed beyond repair in a bad accident back in the '70's, and the doctors told him the all-too familiar "You'll never walk again" story. He was living by a lake in Canada at the time, and would roll down to the dock every morning and literally fall out of his wheelchair into the water. There he would swim each day, pushing his legs to move as much as they could. As he pushed with everything he had, they would begin to heal themselves as they worked against the water. Slowly over time, the muscles and bones repaired themselves, and soon he was able to kick a little at first, then stronger and stronger, until he was walking himself out of the water. Today they are a little tight first thing in the morning, but as he walked next to me that sunny day, you'd never know there was even an accident all those years ago. 


Years later his nephew at age 30 and on top of the world, contracted Multiple Sclerosis. He then got onto the "Doctor Juice" as Mike called it, and became addicted to pain pills and extremely depressed. Not sure what led to his epiphany, but one day he realized if Uncle Mike could do it, so could he. He got off all his medication and began the Hallelujah Diet (85% raw and unprocessed plant-based food and 15% cooked plant-based food). Over time his symptoms lessened until they were obsolete. Today his MS is completely in remission and he is the owner of a landscaping business, pushing a lawnmower daily. He says Uncle Mike is his favorite, and I would have to agree, Uncle Mike is my favorite too. 


I strongly believe we are guided to beautiful healing people and stories as we travel through life, however, it is our choice whether we slow down to even notice them. There are lessons and assignments all around us, sometimes we will be healed and other times we will be the healers. The most precious thing I have learned from moving to Maui is the gift of Island Time, in which life just slows way down. This takes some major getting used to when moving from the mainland, but if you choose to embrace it, you will be blessed with stories like Uncle Mike and his nephew, who were a powerful reminder I have to push myself harder than I ever imagined, as well as be very open and willing to drastically change habits such as my nutrition if I really want to get my body moving. 


Later that evening, I sat down for a guided meditation. I chose one at random on YouTube from Gabby Bernstein, "A Meditation to Let Go and Receive". As her voice filled my ears, I was amazed by what I heard. She began with a breathing exercise as usual, and then led me to visualize Archangel Michael above my head, working like a vacuum to take all the resistance and fear I've been holding and allowed me to let it all go. I can't help by smile as I think of Uncle Mike, or should I say Archangel Michael, who came riding in on his iron horse, swooped up all my resistance, and then walked away with it on his strong, healthy legs. 








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