Trust Yourself and Aim High

April 17, 2017


Today I met Cara - yet another soul to add to my life. She is kind, beautiful, driven, insightful and smart, and recognizes the importance of quality versus quantity when it comes to friendships. 

Right now there is something in the air, stars, moon - something - that is causing everything to be more intense. The highs are higher and the lows - well I imagine they could be lower too if I wasn't so prepared for them. I would later come to realize Mercury is in retrograde, making it very poor timing for the launch of a blog considering it is directly related to communications. The Retrograde also explaining the jumbled feeling I was experiencing.  


I have been trying so hard to figure myself out and decide on the direction of my blog - what is my niche? What sets me apart? Why would people even be interested in what I have to say? Well, tonight it became clear that I don't have to try to be anything I'm not already. Just simply tell my recovery story, my love story. my motherhood and my growth. People already love it and want to see more of it. Just fucking start Sarah! Stop trying so damn hard to force it into something it isn't already. 


It was amazing that Cara brought up Instagram, blogging, websites and sharing my story. She is only in town for 12 hours, and she gave me a huge gift. She reassured me that I'm already on the right path and reminded me the importance of needing others to look up to for motivation. When I ask myself what I want to do and why, the answer is simple: I want to give people hope and light. I want them to hear my voice or read my words and say, "I got this!" I have been on the other side of hope and been in the darkness, and I recognize how necessary it is to look at someone who is kicking ass with a smile and be moved to do the same. 


Trust in yourself. You always know the answer - sometimes you just have to remind yourself to ask the right questions. 



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