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Monthly Vertical Favorite

Kiss Lashes and Falscara Lash Glue

My Vertical featured product for this month are the lashes that people love and ask me about all the time! 
I honestly love the ease, price and look of these dramatic yet natural look, as well as how easy they are to apply! 
The adhesive is incredible and I can get away with wearing the same lashes for a full weekCheck out my VerticalBlonde on Instagram for a reel that I show you how to apply! 

Look beautiful while saving time and money? That's so vertical of you! 

Use code VERTICALBLONDE for 20% off! 


Just a note from your coach & friend!

Why have I put together a list of my favorite products and resources? Because I want to make your vertical growth as fulfilling and effective as possible! And there is no reason we can't add a little color, style and fun to the journey!

Hope you find some favorites that inspire you! Happy shopping!

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My favorite fitness and health products are for anyone seeking quick and simple tools for healthy living!

They're the perfect leggings for working out and also for sitting!


Lululemon Wunder Under Leggings

Quality leggings, these Lululemon Wunder Unders hold you in all the right places, great for the seated position, the Luon material gives you a smooth silouhette - no dimpleing or buldging!
Sadly the pants that fit incredibly only come in the most boring colors. Lol! Oh well, black is slimming and goes with anything! 

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SEATED Fitness App

When I began my vertical journey, fitness and physical strength were a big part of my independence. But adaptive fitness resources were limited, out of date and lacked community. 

That's why I created this app with modified fitness in mind for anyone looking to improve their fitness, connect with community and stay motivated!

The SEATED App is available as a bonus with the Vertical Icon Coaching or Disability Icon programs! Change your body and your life today!

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Strawberry Whole Blend Protein Powder by Isagenix 

This is by far the most delicious protein powder I've ever tasted and the new whole blend formula offers nothing but plant based incredible ingredients. Super smooth and no chalkiness, it blends so well! I typically hate marketing this product because I am a distributer and there is such a poor stigma around network marketing, BUT this protein is actually the best I have tried and the ingredients are superb!

I highly recommend this product for weight loss and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Show the world the beautiful, confident women you are, with a little help from my glam beauty and style picks!


Mantra Band

You'll most likely see my Mantra Bands in every single photo because I haven't taken mine off in over 5 years. I now have a collection, but my first and still my go-to is "She believed she could so she did". What's your mantra? 

Use code VERTICALBLONDE for 10% off!

Shop their site and find your perfect mantra! 


Collagen Elixer

Infused with an innovative blend of marine collagen peptides and powerful botanicals, Collagen Elixir™ indulges your skin with both beauty and nourishment from the inside out.

Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by improving skin elasticity with 5 grams of marine collagen peptides. Plus, enjoy an excellent source of vitamin C, zinc, and biotin.​ Experience an undeniable glow up!

This collagen has totally improved my melasma and appearance!


Celletoi Skin Care Line

After using the same line for 10 years, I could tell my skin needed something different. Within the first week I was totally hooked on the entire Celletoi line! My skin feels smoother, more youthful and totally glowing! Using this line with the Collagen Elixir has people always guessing my age wrong! I recommend the complete collection! 

This line has people totally thinking I am way younger than I am! How's that for being 40?!

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Aloha Bling Triangle Magic Necklace

(I also wear my moonbow and my Maui necklaces a lot) Aloha Bling the best way to wear the essence of the islands and feel the magic of Aloha. I love wearing my Bling! The metals used for the chains are so delacate that the Bling almost appears floating on the skin, however the durability can sustain any wave! The Triangle Magic necklace elevates your femanine power and intuition! 

Use code VERTICAL for 10% off your order and 10% donated!


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Panasonic Electric Razor Wet/Dry

This is a game changer in my beauty and hair removal regimine! Not being able to move my legs makes getting the perfect shave so difficult! Using the electric razor enables me to grab a towel and literally shave my legs on my bed! Great for travel or after realizing you need a quick touch up before you go out! I am obsessed with this razor! 

The perfect razor for wet or dry applications!

Shop Now!
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KISS Lashes

I SO easy to apply and affordable! Looks flawless, natural, and is great for any eye shape.These adds instant youth! There are a few options available, but I really recommend getting the starter kit and using the Lifting Wisps.

The fit, the price, the application, they are the perfect false lashes!

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Leopard Print Makeup Bag

I love carrying all of my products in a sexy and girly makeup bag. I have found that event carrying my medical supplies in a cute bag changes my experience in having to use things like catheters to pee! 

This makeup bag is from Victoria's Secret!


Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo

Feels so weightless and clean, even as you build over the course of a few days (or a week like me). it has a purple undertone so it brightens/whitens any brassiness too. It smells amazing. 

Feels clean, brightens brassiness!

The perfect dry shampoo!

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Emma High Block Heel Pumps

The only high heel I wear now. I used to really stress about my ankles flipping to the side and being injured from my shoes, now I can wear heels with confidence! The block heel makes your ankle stand upright on your wheelchair footplate (or add stability if walking) and ankle strap prevents your foot from sliding. The various color options make this shoe the perfect match no matter the outfit! 

You can find A New Day pumps at Target!



I've chosen these educational  and practical resources to help empower you on your journey of self-healing and independence!
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Leather Bound Journals

I love going to paper stores and just gravitating to the ones that speak to me. I love leather bound because they have a softness when I write. 

Shop at Target or online!

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Your Second Act Book

Your Second Act by Author Patricia Heaton. You may recognize the story in chapter 9! I am so honored to be included in this collection of stories of reinvention when life takes us in an unexpected direction. 

Check out my story in Chapter 9!


This pen is from Target and it's my perfect journal companion!


Fine Point Ballpoint Pen

Having the perfect pen for your journaling or recording inspirations adds to the overall enjoyment of your writing experience. I know this may sound silly, but the fine point ballpoint pen makes my handwriting flow with feminine grace. I love re-reading my own words when I write with this pen! 




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