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​Through the process of surrender, release, and redefining we can gain clarity to everything that happened for us over the course of this year, and use it all to elevate us to new heights!


How we choose to show up and the person we become in the course of the journey is what truly dictates the kind of life we have. We will laugh, we will cry, and we will embrace the seemingly bad and the seemingly good for we have no idea what may be brewing for our advantage!

This three-week course will take you on a vertical journey like you’ve never experienced! We will go through the weeks together and I will join you live each week with new lessons, stories, and special guests, as well as give you the opportunity to connect with others who are choosing to view their life through a vertical lens.

We cannot move forward until we accept the circumstances that have been placed in our path. It is only then where we can gain clarity, perspective, and awareness in order to tap into our pure potential!


And then watch out 2023, for there will be an elevated version of you stepping up to the plate!

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