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We’ve all done it - we feel the pull inside that we are made for a big beautiful life and goals, yet
we shrink down and don’t want to disrupt the people around us.

But how disruptive is that to your potential?
How would you like to become bulletproof to all of life’s circumstances and put you back in the
driver’s seat of your own life?

How would you like to feel full permission to shine your iconic

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Courses, coaching and community for breakthroughs, confidence and transformation to the


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For the Icons wanting to elevate their income, impact, network and enjoyment of the process

Vertical Icon Transformation

This 8 week transformational experience is for anyone who has felt they were made for more,  yet struggle with having the energy, belief, strategy or just feel limited due to the stigmas of society, to make it happen.

This course has been designed for anyone ready to overcome and release whatever is disabling them and fully step into the next level of themselves! 




If I’ve learned anything from becoming paralyzed, it’s that sometimes when things feel like they’re falling apart they are actually falling into place. Perspective is the one thing that can change anything in an instant.

This is a complimentary course for everyone needing some healing after life has flipped you upside down.


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After conducting a survey of what people wanted most, confidence was at the top of the list. And why not have the confidence of an Icon - a leader, someone doing innovative things, or even changing generational traumas. Whatever you need more confidence for, this is your first stop along the ride of your Vertical life!


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Special Offer for those of you wanting total transformation!

Get all 3 courses included PLUS 12 months of coaching and tons of bonuses as a Platinum Icon



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+ Includes bonus of next course - Building Confidence in your Business and Personal Brand ($997 Value)

+ Includes 3 months of The Icon Collective ($291 Value)

"Sarah offers an AMAZING coaching experience! She will lovingly guide you to become your BEST self. Her sessions are overflowing with positive energy; I felt it radiate through my screen! I am excited to continue my personal growth and I know she will be there cheering me on! I look forward to working with her more in the future! I can’t imagine not having her in my life! Forever an Icon!"

Amie Lee

"I would do it again. It is something I thrive by doing."

Client's experience of the Vertical Icon Transformation

"I am blown away at how much 8 weeks impacted me to make changes and become more confident."

"I love how well spoken she is! She’s so organized and overflowing with beautiful energy! I constantly had a smile on my face while she was coaching me! She broke me out of my comfort zone in areas and always made our group a safe place to be our iconic selves!"

“Sarah's ICONfidence class was amazing. It helped me gain a lot of clarity and see a pathway to build the life I desire. Sarah is approachable and vulnerable, sharing parts of her own life stories to demonstrate specific concepts and points. That makes the time spent together even more precious when everyone leaves the coat of judgement off. It was nice to be part of a group with different life experiences and goals, but united in the desire to live life full out as an ICON”.
- Anonymous 

Real Community. Real Results

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