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Aloha Vertical Icons!

And welcome to the most elevated coaching + community around! Congrats on making the decision to go all in on yourself, your life and your dreams. It has been said by the most successful people who also live fulfilling lives that the secret to happiness lies in our feeling of progress. When we feel we are striving towards something that matters to us is when we feel our best!
You deciding to become a Vertical Icon shows you want to feel fulfilled, successful, and most of all, happy in the pursuit of it all. 

Below you will find all the links and resources you will need to get dialed in, as well as a visual of the other Icons who are along with you on this Vertical journey! You’ll have an opportunity to connect with them further in the Vertical Icon Network - which is basically a Facebook group on steroids and without the distraction of Facebook.
Alright, enough chatter LET’S GET VERTICAL!




Begin your journey by joining the Vertical Icon Collective which is held inside the Mighty Networks app. This is a virtual space where you'll find the weekly coaching calls, as well as connect with the other Icons and access resources such as events, recordings and more! This is the central hub for your elevation.

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The VERTical life begins with our vitality and what better way to keep your body fit and energized than to follow a program that's all laid out for you! The Trainerize VB Seated Fitness program is included with your membership. You can sign up with the link below if you haven't already. The program will discount to be free every month that you are in the Vertical Icon Coaching + Collective 

 Support Group calls. Release all self-judgement and criticism as you share in a space of full acceptance. Support groups where we feel free to share without reservation are a vital part of healing and growth.

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