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Vertical Icon Transformation Program

This 8 week transformational experience is for anyone who has felt they were made for more,  yet struggle with having the energy, belief, strategy or just feel limited due to the stigmas of society, to make it happen.


This course has been designed for anyone ready to overcome and release whatever is disabling them and fully step into the next level of themselves! 

All change begins within and that goes for stigmas and accessibility too. Changing the way others see us begins with each individual truly seeing their own worth and showing up in their full potential. It's healing. It’s becoming. It’s a transformational experience from the inside out! 


It's you becoming the Icon you are!

Redefine what's disabling you and become the Icon you are 

Do you hear the whisper inside of you craving more? Do you feel the burning inside of you reminding you of your dreams? Do you feel the pressures that tell you not to pay attention to that voice and that feeling? 


This experience is all about giving you permission and unleashing possibility, all while providing strategies to make it happen! 

The Vertical Icon Transformation Program, powered by Sarah Foley is a transformational program where you are guided to release the pressures and given tangible strategies to uncover and uproot the things disabling us.

These disabling factors could be

  • perfectionism

  • analysis paralysis

  • a physical disability

  • fear of judgment

  • toxic relationships

  • depression

  • trauma

  • abuse

  • unhealthy habits

...The truth is we are all disabled by something different, yet the strategy to break free and redefine them is universal! 

...And in fact sharing in our struggles reminds us we are not alone, gives us compassion for one another and forms a community all committed to growth, healing and freedom from our disabling factors! 

Becoming Vertical is about setting an entirely new standard for ourselves and each other

Vertical Icon is YOUR invitation to go for it! Only you have the power to make it happen, but we cannot do it alone. Let this program and community be your guide! 

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Become the Icon you are!


Eight Transformational Weeks.  
One Iconic you!

meeting Wednesdays at
11 AM MST beginning SEPTEMBER 7th

Vertical Icon Transformation Program is a live virtual course that takes place over the course of eight weeks. We will utilize methods of healing, personal development, physical fitness, inspirational stories, reprograming patterns and shifting beliefs all wrapped up in the most fun you've had over Zoom ! 







It's clear you are craving a change, or perhaps you are at a point where something has to change. Either, way, that awareness is the the key to unlocking your own personal transformation! Change is scary, but with the right framework, anything is possible! 

We won't waste any time getting real and honest about where we are starting - as well as giving ourselves full permission to open ourselves up to what's totally possible for our future.  We get what we believe
 we can achieve, we get what we believe we deserve and we get what we settle for. Those who have more, know they can have it, believe they deserve it and don’t settle for anything less. My intention for you, is to elevate what you believe you can achieve, elevate what you believe you deserve and raise the heck out of your standards.




Change your beliefs, change your life


A very common belief is that we have to wait for someone else to do something before we can. We have to wait for an apology, forgiveness, healing, accountability, etc. If we run our lives based on this belief, we will be waiting forever, and if it’s not them, it will be someone else - which results in us always giving our power away. Not anymore! 


We will take our power back, understanding and shifting what is really disabling us is within us - and within our power to change.  



Oftentimes we get caught up in what we can't do or what's not working that we lose sight of our abilities, accomplishments and things that if we just did consistently would completely change our lives. 


Everything has momentum, especially our energy. We get what we put out into the world, into our relationships, into our bodies, businesses, etc. Beginning with our bodies is a beautiful way to redefine our relationship with ourselves and increase the positive momentum. 


Embody the energy you want in return; Self-Discipline is the greatest form of self-love


We cannot think our way to success. We must first take action, which leads to confidence, which leads to momentum... and ultimately to success. The difference between those who succeed and those who don't comes down to taking action before you think you are ready. However, this week we will unleash the secret weapon to get you there faster and with more certainty. 


Confidence is an action word 



It’s not enough to think your way to success. We must get out of our heads and into our heart and soul! Alignment is all about values, integrity and holding ourselves accountable in a way that makes us crave it even more rather than beating ourselves up. This is about fully showing up with aligned thoughts, actions and results that match who you aim to be.


Embody this new Iconic Identity you are becoming. Clarifying and identifying our personal brands based on who we want to become, what we want to attract and how you will align with your values. In Hawaiian there is a word kuleana which means "we all have a responsibility to become our best selves in order to better society". When we are fully living our kuleana, everyone benefits, and this is the responsibility we all have. 


Be who you are meant to become, not only for yourself, but for the sake of all society. 


Do our values match how we value ourselves. We will define our own personal currency and clarify our own worth. It's not enough to just make an income, it's about making an impact that leads to fulfillment - and who says you can't do both?


We get what we believe we are worth



Now that the framework is complete, this is where you will pull it all together and truly show up, take action and fully step into this vertical vertical version of ourselves! In real time we will make moves that have taken us far too long to navigate and do it with energy, momentum and alignment! 


Make shifts, pivots and fail forward as necessary. No one who has achieved success has avoided failure, however we will redefine what it means to fail versus make progress. You will take your own personal goals and put them into action in real time with the support of the group! This is where you get to take action in your Iconic Identity. 


Beyond the program and into your beautiful new future!


We get personal and celebrate our dedication, success and possibilities as a community! 


You are not alone. Connection, additional resources and accountability will keep you going! 


What’s Included:

  • 8 LIVE transformational trainings with Sarah 

  • Full 8 week workout program through the Seated app  

  • Icon Transformation Digital Workbook 

  • ​Access into private Vertical community

  • Replays available in case you can't attend live

  • Personalized Financial Strategy Session with Mod Financial


  • Guest experts throughout the 8 weeks on topics ranging from health to finances (full schedule will be posted within the program)

  • Full 8 week workout program through the Seated Fitness app  

  • 3 months access to the replays so you can go back over topics as much as you need to 

  • Daily journal prompts

  • Limited Edition Icon journal for first 20 to sign up!

Meet Your 
Program Guide
Sarah Foley

Keynote speaker, soul-centered transformation coach and creator of Vertical Icon Transformation Program among others

After experiencing life literally flipping her upside down from a debilitating ATV accident in 2012, Sarah learned how to experience the richness and beauty of life. She has been featured on major stages and platforms all over the US, including being featured multiple times on the Tony Robbins podcast and being featured in "Your Second Act" by Patricia Heaton. Sarah’s helped thousands of people of all abilities gain confidence, redefine what’s possible and become the icons they are.


Today Sarah is passionate about guiding and witnessing the shift in others as they embrace their Vertical self.  She loves helping others feel beautiful, valuable and capable from the inside out as she shares the tools and perspectives that help them understand that they are capable of experiencing their beautiful, rich and successful lives right now.

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As a Vertical Icon, You Also Get

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Having vitality and energy within our body is the fundamental building block to living a fulfilling life. It is vital that we have a system in place that keeps our health at the forefront of our mind, body and schedule. Access to the Seated Fitness app with a full 8 week workout program takes the thinking out of it and puts the doing into it!

*Workouts can be done seated or standing based on your abilities.


The most important thing to guaranteeing our continued momentum is surrounding yourself with others who are also reaching to fulfill their potential - and who celebrate one another's success. Upon entering the group we all commit to our kuleana - which is our responsibility to show up as our best selves for not only our sake, but the sake of each other and the world. 

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Track your progress and experiences through your own workbook that you will be able reference beyond the program. 


Raising the standards for ourselves, each other and the world. Hearing iconic stories of transformation, strategy and inspiration that will help you soar to incredible new heights. 

Online meeting


It's no secret my journal is like a therapist. It is the place where I can get real and raw with myself, and where I have experienced some of my biggest breakthroughs. Sometimes getting started with a journal habit can be tough because we get stuck on what to write about. Each day you will get a new journal prompt to get you unstuck and help that pen to flow so you can discover a whole new side of yourself. 

Real Community. Real Results

Sarah has helped me with so many things! She’s taught me how to use my voice professionally, speak up for myself and ask for my worth. She’s helped me learn to trust my self and given me courage to speak. She showed me I’m capable and helped me get rid of imposter syndrome (most of the time). And really just helped me see the things in myself that I didn’t see before


-Desi G.

I think the biggest thing that’s been helpful for me is her insight. Sarah said to me one of the first times that we talked, “ I think you see your disability more than other people do.” And I’ve realized that she’s right. And there’s been so many other times when she’s known exactly how to read my thoughts and how to read my perspective on a situation, even before I know what I’m thinking, and I think that’s been the biggest blessing for me!


-Robyn C.

Working with Sarah is working for me. I have learned things about myself, the way I communicate, the way I show up, the way I learn from others, the way I treat my body.


-Julie S.

This Is For You If…

  • You are tired of starting courses and never finishing them (this live format will help keep you accountable until the very end)

  • You are craving and ready to reach the next level in your life

  • You’re ready for true transformation – not a quick jolt that leaves you going back to old ways once it's over

  • You’re willing to put in the work and give it your all

  • You want to develop true, connected friendships with others also holding themselves to a higher standard

  • You want to learn from someone who’s been there, done that

  • You want to make a positive impact and an income

  • You believe that healing, growth and transformation should also be fun! 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does my membership start?
    Your monthly membership begins the date of purchase and renews every 30 days until cancelled. Platinum membership is paid in full for 12 months and will renew the following year.
  • How do I access the membership?
    We use a platform called Mighty Network. Upon sign up you will get an email with how to download and access the network.
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Become a
Vertical Icon


2022 Vertical Icon powered by Sarah Foley