I'm so happy you stopped by and I can't wait to share my incredible journey with you. 

I'm on a mission to redefine to myself and others what disability looks like. I see it as my personal trainer, strengthening my resilience, perspective and ability to choose the kind of life I want to live. 

I'm a mother, motivational speaker and elevation roll model, and I believe the only way to create change is to transform the way we view ourselves and our circumstances. 

After an ATV left me paralyzed in 2012, I became passionate about healing emotionally and physically. This personal deep dive opened me up to incredible self-love and finding purpose and joy in offering this kind of elevation to others feeling disabled by their circumstances. 

As I began toying with different ideas for the name of my website, I kept my focus on my goal to one day walk again. The name Vertical Blonde blossomed, and yet slowly something magical happened. My focus shifted from frustration and pain to purpose and fulfillments as I rallied behind my desire to inspire others, and the Vertical Mindset was born. Today I am charged up as I urge all of my readers and followers to live Vertically
Remember to see over and beyond your hurdles, keep your head up while using those hurdles like a ramp towards your goals.


The name Vertical Blonde sums me up - I'm on an upward journey to sit tall, stand up for myself and others, and elevate my life through my circumstances - all with great platinum locks. Join me and let's get VERTICAL! 

#Vertical Blonde


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